The Top 10 Best Conference Moments This Gen

Since the start of this generation, it’s been one bitchfight after another. But at the end of the day, we dont care about bitchfights, we care about the catfights (okay, they are the same thing but but we wanna make them different) and where better to hear a battlecry then the big 4, GDC, E3, GC and TGS.

Thats why, from 2005 to right now, we’re going through what are the best moments that’ll range from wow to oh snap to HOLY MOTHERFUCKING CRAP, I JUST SHITE MYSELF AND CAME AT THE SAME TIME!

So, if you need remindeding of moments that refer the latter, you may wanna X the window now.

killzone-210 – The CGI Outcry of Killzone 2 – E3 2005

At Sony’s E3 press conference in 2005, they showed trailers from 3rd and 1st parties which claimed to be either representive of what the PS3 can do and in some instances, real time, for the latter of which happened to Killzone 2. Sony showed a trailer of the next illteration of the Killzone franchise and they did say it was real-time, only for them to be busted as it was proven to be CGI by a company from Scotland who refused to do the trailer

Of course now, we just look back at it and laugh at it now that the game is out. We think the game looked better then the trailer, truth be told.

littlebigplanet-29 – The Reveal of “The Next Big Thing” (LittleBigPlanet) – GDC 2007

Once again, for the second year in a row, then SCE president Phil Harrison was keynoting GDC, along with Shigeru Miyamoto. However, unlike the year beforehand where the conference was more of a meh then a wow, Harrison showed stuff which right away impressed gamers. For a start, there was PS Home, which was revealed before hand, controversially, by Kotaku.

And in between the middle, there was Singstar.

But then came something out of rightfield which nobody seen coming. A game, tentively known as “The Next Big Thing”, called LittleBigPlanet was being developed by Media Molecule, a developer set up by 4 aluminis from Lionhead. Alex Evans and Mark Healey from MM showed the game, with it’s creativty, it’s fantastic art design and of course, the loveable Sackboy.

But it was the 4 man co-op sessions of Evans, Healey, Harrison and SCEE’s Pete Smith were charmed gaming journalists in the crowd and got an uproaring standing ovation. Simply put, there was a bright future for this game.

iwota8 – Iwota Reveals the Revolution/Wii – E3 2005

Simply put, it wasnt a real shocker that we were gonna hear of the Revolution at E305, that much was obvious. What was surprising was that Satoru Iwota of Nintendo revealed the casing of the Revolution… and that was it. It wasnt as such a shocker compared to say the Virtual Console, it was more or less to do with the fact that we thought it was just gonna be another average Nintendo console with a battle between Sony and Microsoft.

Of course, come TGS the same year…

wiimotionplus7 – Iwota Reveal’s the Wiimote – TGS 2005

… yip, Iwota revealed the revolutionary motion control remote that would be coming with the console when it launched in 2006. During Iwota’s keynote at TGS 05, he showed off a prototype of the remote along with a video, showing its many uses in games, including a wannabe dentist drilling into teeth.

And then after that, the Wii boom started to kick in.

gears-of-war-216 – Gears of War 2 Revealed – GDC 2008

We knew it was coming, but we didnt expect it to be announced the way it was announced. At the end of Xbox Live boss John Schappert’s keynote, where Ninja Gaiden II and Fable II were just shown, he was wrapping up, just as we thought we wouldn’t see it, until them absolutely loud as hell wretches came up.

Yip, Gears of War 2.

After the trailer, Cliff Bletzinski of Epic chainsawed a part of the stage through a part of the stage to formally announce the game with the motto “bigger, bettter and more badass”.

halo-35 – Halo 3 Revealed – E3 2006

Oh it was coming, we knew that much. But right at the end of an E3 conference ,which seen Microsoft put on a great show, Sony stunk the place out with theirs and Nintendo created casual gaming at theirs, Halo 3 was finally shown to the world.

Showing Master Chief walking through a sandy outback uptowards a cliff with Cortana glitching in and out, it showed the Covenent activating something with a massive bright light, follwed then by Cortana who says:

“this is the way the world ends”

Followed then by a Finish the Fight montra with a 2007 date slapped on for good measure, it became the second it was revealed one of, if not, the most antcipated game this gen.

killzone-2-24 – The Return of the Jedi Killzone 2 – E3 2007

After that trailer back at E3 2005, Gureilla’s Herman Hurst said “Damn, we’d better pull this one off!”. So off they went and they were under the radar for an entire year, not even showing with the game at E3 2006 during Sony’s confernece, and it wouldnt even show beyond that until GDC 2007 when, behind closed doors at a preview of Phil Harrison’s GDC keynote” Killzone 2 was shown but only from a technical angle with the montra “more to come at E3″.

So, around came E3 and that infamous first gameplay screen which had apparently been called fake before Seb Downie of GG confirmed it was in-game, followed up then hours later by a trailer and impressions of the game shown to them while the Microsoft conference continued.

Then, the biggest one of the lot, Sony’s E3 press conference. Right at the end, it showed Phil Harrison ending the conference, thinking it was all over… until, yup, Killzone 2. Game Director Mathijs De Jonge did a live demo of the game to prove no trickery this time and at the time, it looked stunning.

Killzone 2 was back in the frey for all the right reasons and Sony was in everyone’s good books after what happened the previous year, but what did happen the previous year?

playstation-33 – The Infamous Sony’s Laughable Press Conference – E3 2006

Oh now, come on, we just had to. 3 things

  • Giant Enemy Crab

It was mainly them 3 and a couple of other things which turned Sony, the most powerful console platform holder, into a big laughing stock.  Now, we’ll look back and laugh and go “jee, they shouldn’t have done that but it was funny as fuck”.

The reason why I am saying that is because… well, look below.

nintendo-wii2 – The Infamous Nintendo’s CRINGE WORTHY Press Conference – E3 2008

Now, unlike before where Sony had one great conference one year and a bad one the next,  Nintendo went into this one with expectation on them. 07’s conference was boring, absolutely boring, bar Mario Kart Wii.

But Nintendo fucked the hardcore gamer over once again with the casual drivel. How?
Instead of showing a fantastic 1st party line-up, involving a new Mario & Zelda as well as Kid Icarus, all we got was COD: WaW, Rayman, Animal Crossing and some other game I cant remember. Worst still, there was Wii Sports Resort which was bad.

And then, just as you thought it couldnt get worse, there was Wii Music. The saddest thing was that this was from one of the godfathers of gaming, Shigeru Miyamoto.


ms-ffxiii-e3081 – Final Fantasy XIII Announced for Xbox 360 – E3 2008

When Sony showed Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 back at E3 06, it was great. Then it went quiet from Square on the E3 front. People were hoping for a appearence at E3 2008 of the game but it didnt appear on the Square Enix list of games showing at E3.


Till the Squre Enix president, Yoichi Wada came out on stage. It was unknown that he would be there at the conference. Of course, for all we knew, he was there just to show Star Ocean IV, The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery and off on his merry old way, and thats exactly what happened.

Then he came on the second time and then… the internet imploded. Final Fantasy XIII, a once PS3 exclusive, was announced for the Xbox 360. There was nothing like ending a press conference then bitchslapping a fellow competitor.

PS3 still does have Versus XIII though. Although mind you, like last year, Microsoft have been quiet on their E3 plans so…

*runs like the fucking wind from an impending flame war and into the bunker to avoid megaton*