RUMOR: Second Killzone 2 Map Pack to Feature Killzone 1 Maps


So, the first map pack has been announced for Killzone 2 called Steel & Titanium, but what about the second map pack? Well, its coming and Guerilla boss Herman Herst even gave away part of the name, Retro.

Could this mean that the second map pack could go back to the days of Killzone 1? Maybe, if a hint is anything from Herst.

On GameTrailers TV, Geoff Keighley asked questions on the second map pack and Herst flat out confirmed that it is in the works and gave away part of the name Retro. Keighley then put 2 & 2 together and asked if they’re related to Killzone 1 and see if old Killzone 1 maps are on their way, with the tease Herst being, said:

“could be”

Ooh, what an awful tease that man! Anyways, we’ll soon see what it’ll be.