Starhawk Trademarked by Sony


According to this trademark filling, Sony has trademarked the name Starhawk. I know what your thinking, what has this gotta do with gaming. Hello, Warhawk/Starhawk? Yip, I have your attention now. Dylan Jobe set up a new studio called Lightbox, to move away from Incognito and Warhawk.

He did promise a space based shooter as one of his first projects, this could very well be it.

More at E3?


6 Responses to “Starhawk Trademarked by Sony”

  1. Oh my god.. WARHAWK IN SPACE!? If so, holy shit.

    Plus if you look at Qore episode 11 and go to the PSN games section, they have some concept art of upcoming unannounced PSN games, some of those shots were of space/planets etc… hmmm.

    Then again that could be a totally different future PSN game, this ‘starhawk’ could be something unrelated to warhawk, who knows.

    Good news though.

  2. CrimsonFox13 Says:

    Right when I saw this, I immediately said, “Oh my GOD!”

    Jeez, every sign is pointing towards a Warhawk in space. I know some people will disagree, but I’m actually slightly upset at this decision. Want to know why? Well, maybe not, but anyway… It’s because in the first videos for Warhawk, we had hundreds of airplanes flying around at once, and I really, really want to participate in a dogfight with dozens of other planes, flying close to the ground and in the clouds and stuff. It’ll be so different if it’s in space. I hope lasers won’t be common in the game if it actually exists. I’m still really exited to see it, nonetheless!

  3. KNRasengan Says:

    I tottally can’t wait. I have about 10 PS3 Games and I basically only play Warhawk and Skate 2. My only concurns are the battles. Fighting just in space wouldn’t be that fun. Hope they let you use guns like in the original Warhawk let alone it has to do with Warhawk. Want a clan? Join Naruto Fighters! To join send a message to KNRasengan.

  4. KNRasengan Says:

    Oh yeah just saying send it to my PSN account

  5. eric carter Says:

    hmm space shooter all Ihave to say is you had better be able to switch as easy from ground/planet combat to shooting lasers at plants /defences and having them blow up.

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