New Dead Rising 2 Scans from Famitsu

Some new scans of Dead Rising 2 have emerged in a 4 page feature for Famitsu. You can find said scans after the jump but already, the info has already emerged on the scans from Kotaku. The lead character’s name is Chuck Greene and the game will be based on a 72 hour period like the last game.

Release date TBC, out for PS3 and 360… whenever.

Expect more info at Captivate this week.

4 Responses to “New Dead Rising 2 Scans from Famitsu”

  1. D. Fender Says:

    That main character is the most boring/generic ever..

  2. yeah cuz frank was sooo ground breaking in terms of character


  3. I Guss Stuart Never Played The First One And That`s Sooo Sad but Dont Blame Us For That Stewie

  4. Such a shame that this game looks to be losing all it’s charm. This is one game that didn’t need to be westernized and turned into a multiplatform whore. You can already tell Blue Castle is in over there head and yet another great IP is going to be reduced to crap.