Kojima Talks Zone of the Enders 3 and a HD Remake for Zone of the Enders 2

Oh shit, here we go, the shit has just been dropped! Well, thats if your like us and want Zone of the Enders 3. Speaking to Famitsu, from an article where readers have picked the most wanted gaming series to get a sequal, Hideo Kojima has spoken out on his interest on Zone of the Enders 3.

For the record, ZOE came 15th, impressive as there hasnt been a ZOE game since the year of “Hail to the Thief” in 2003.

However, dont get your hopes up, there are things higher on his priorty list right now, *cough*MGS5*cough*, according to Kojima.

On Zone of the Enders 3, he said:

“ZOE is a title that has an extremely large fanbase requesting a sequel. That holds especially true for The 2nd Runner, the sequel. That game was praised all over the world, and we still get a lot of intensely devoted adulation for that game. After Metal Gear Solid, it’s the Kojima Production title that has the largest and most dedicated fanbase. But there is a mountain of things that have to take priority over that, and we just haven’t been able to make it a reality yet. I’m positive in my heart, though, that I’ll be able to bring a sequel to all the fans someday.”

But he’s also thought, or “fantasizing”, of bringing an advanced version of Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner, the last ZOE game released on consoles:

We’re always fantasizing about how we’d make an advanced new version of ZOE: The 2nd Runner with all the cutting-edge tech we have now if we ever had the opportunity.

It comes after the latest Kojima Productions podcast teased of Zone of the Enders 3, asking fans if they want it.


26 Responses to “Kojima Talks Zone of the Enders 3 and a HD Remake for Zone of the Enders 2”

  1. For all thats real and great in the world, get this game done! Then, no matter when the world ends or when I die, I can die a happy person knowing this game was being made and I played it before then.

    Thats how much I want this game.

  2. If any of this came to fruition, I could die happy. Just wow.

    After writing that I looked at the comment above me and see another fan would be able to die happy. Honestly, please put MGS5 on hold, Kojma. ZOE has been abandoned for far too long. Let’s get something out for us High-Speed-Robot-Action fans!!

  3. I wish they’d take a break from adding more and more Metal Gear spin-offs, prequels, compilations, and whatnot and for once, after five years, do SOMETHING with Zone of the Enders.

  4. I dont know what could be more important then Zone of The Enders when it comes to Konami. They should at least do an HD version of part 1 on xbox live and psn with a full demo. I think the story to part one was really awesome.

  5. Awesome! I just got ZOE 1 and 2 off of Ebay recently and am awaiting their arrival! ZOE3 for PS3 using an updated MGS4 engine would be too awesome! Though at the same time the anime cutscenes and style of ZOE2 looks really cool! Perhaps it could be cell shaded really well with actual anime cutscenes? Either way is cool!

    Also Kojima, please show the PSP some more love with a Metal Gear Ac!d^3!!! Also another Portable Ops would be cool to finish Big Boss’ story between MPO and MG! with some control refinements like in MGS4. Also a ZOE spin off for PSP wouldn’t be too bad either! And I’d take you on that offer of outsourcing MG 1 and 2 for PSN retro style remakes!

  6. Jackbutt Says:

    Why is everyone so excited over this game? It didnt sell well so i guess not many people played it so why do people want it over mGS5.

    • It may not have sold well, but because of the fact that whatever amount was sold, it was recieved very well (2nd Runner, not ZOE1). More gamers got wind of this now and how good it was.

      Because of that, more games would probably go on eBay and try and find a copy due to its rarity. More gamers probably managed to get the game and loved it.

      The point of the story is a simply term: “word of mouth”.

    • Yeah, because sales totally determine a game’s quality.

    • ZOE_Awaiter Says:

      lol… its people who look at a game for it’s ratings that miss out big time on most games.

  7. Do I want it?!? I’m ready for number 5!! I’ll take another anime series or some follow up to Fist of Mars on the DSi, JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING HERE!!! ZOE2 was the most highly anticipated game ever for me, EVER! And I work at Gamestop! I own two copies of the game. I’ve never owned two copies of any game in my life!

    So . . . HECK YES I WANT ZOE3!!!!

  8. its about time it all iv been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Daaamn. I remember when ZOE1 was a system seller for me. First time i played it i knew i wanted a PS2. Then when i saw the trailer for ZOE2, i tried not to get my hopes too high, but my expectations were shattered nonetheless. I can sit and watch that uber epic trailer for ZOE2 to this very day and get goosebumps. Amazing game, amazing. Awesome controls, loooved the story, and the zero shifting at the end made it the one and only game which ever allowed me to move faster in a game than i could even think.

  10. i would have to say, like the people before me, i could die happy if this game came out

    that is all

  11. Wow… just wow. A sudden desperation for any news on ZOE 3 lead me here through Google. It’s nice to see others as wanting for a ZOE sequel as I am. Plus a site which talks of Radiohead AND games is DEFINITELY up my alley – a friggin’ dream come true, lol!

  12. Kojima takes his time in creating his games. And that is what I love about him, quality over quantity. The craftsmanship of his games are just so well done that once you play his games, you will remember them forever. i don’t care how long he takes to create ZOE 3 and the ZOE 2 re-make, just as long as it is done, I will be a Happy man. He did a great job with the ZOE storyline so far. I hope the third won’t be disappointing. Now that we have Blu Ray @ our disposal with the PS3 we can store more stuff and I just can’t wait for what’s in store for us in the next ZOE. GO KOJIMA!!!

  13. ZOE 2-MATER-GAMER Says:

    i hope that they atleast put out the 2nd runner in hd for ps3 soon. the game was a master peace and than just dropped like like it was no big deal. i am a fan of msg as well but there have been many of those games made for now we need a remake of the 2nd runner and a new zoe. since this game has such a large fan base it should be easy to have this game put in motion for production.

  14. I am going to repeat exactly what “Robert” said:
    (( A sudden desperation for any news on ZOE 3 lead me here through Google. It’s nice to see others as wanting for a ZOE sequel as I am)).

  15. I am goin to repeat the same words “Robert” said:
    (( A sudden desperation for any news on ZOE 3 lead me here through Google. It’s nice to see others as wanting for a ZOE sequel as I am)).

  16. jedda the zohan Says:

    Cant wait! I’ve prayed for this game for years. this is the best gaming news I’ve heard in a while. I’ve played Z.O.E. 2nd runner so many time that would close my eyes and all i could see was that game. I have everything but a ps3 but if it’s an exclusive then this game will be the 1 reason i get a ps3!!!

  17. ZOE FREAK Says:


  18. ZOE FREAK Says:

    MAKE A ZOE 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I can’t believe that theirs finally some light to ZOE 3. Dam I wish he would start to produce it now. kinda wounder what his idea is for the game and where is it gonna take place this time. I hope they would put some levels on earth, because I really wanted to fly the orbital frame through a city with a blue sky above. PLEASE kojima start making it when ur done MGS peace walker or the lates title. I wanna see somthing of ZOE soon, like a preview, teaser or anything. Just so that I know that its going to be produced or that you havent abandoned the title yet.

  20. Phoenix_up_13 Says:

    This news is promising.

    I only got this game as recently as last week after finding it for £2 at a second hand gaming shop by me.

    I saw it and thought it’d be ok to play and after the very first opening fight i knew this was going to be something special.

    I had no idea a game this rich existed and i’m truly glad i found it by luck.

    The 2nd game just blew me apart, spreading amazement & awe across my living room.

    A ZOE3 in next-gen HD?

    Yes please