Mistwalker’s Newest Project in Production and Shown This Past Year

Remember Mistwalker Studios, you know, the studo created by Hironobu Sakaguchi after he left Square Enix? The studio that’s made Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360, but also had their last project Cry On cancelled?

Well, guess what, they’re baaack.

According to a new blog post on the Mistwalker website (this is according to rough translation, we should point out), they have a new project in production and have shown the game behind closed doors so far. We dont know anything else other then that, if anybody can translate it better then Google, be our guest.

E3? Bet on it. Xbox 360? Bet on it, if Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, but dont rule out the PS3. Release this year? Dont bet on it.

Their last project, Cry On, was cancelled on Christmas Day 2008.

4 Responses to “Mistwalker’s Newest Project in Production and Shown This Past Year”

  1. gamingsoon Says:

    It will not be on PS3. It is a part of the “break the bank” E3 planned by MS.

  2. cloudie Says:

    It’s for the 360. Fact.

    It’s another rpg that going to topple SE and the FF franchise like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon did. Don’t I wish.

  3. chuckyj Says:

    Doesn’t MS own stake in Mistwalker? Is Mistwalker more like a 2nd party to MS or a completely free 3rd party?

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      I believe so, but then, they dont decide if Mistwalker’s games go exclusive unless they had a deal in place which they do with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, but that deal’s expired I think (MS still own the IP I think and Mistwalker can still develop BD2 or LO2).

      And even then, Microsoft need to have a majority stake in MW before they anything of the sort happens. Likewise for Square Enix and Sony, they have a stake in SE, but dont have any of their games exclusive to the PS3 (bar FF Versus XIII, otherwise, FFXIII would still be exclusive)

      Somebody correct me if any of that is wrong.