Splinter Cell: ConViction Confirmed for 2009

splinter-cell-convictionDo you wanna know how long it’s been since we even heard a single ounce of anything from Splinter Cell: ConViction? Let us put it into context for you:

  • We were on Freewebs at the time
  • Known as Gamzsone V3
  • Revealed at the same time as EndWar

But now, as GOONL!NE, it seems that ConViction has spent too long in the shadows and Sam Fisher is coming this year… or this fiscal year at least.

According to Ubisoft’s Q4 earnings statement, which also seen Red Steel 2 announced, Splinter Cell: ConViction is coming this year and is still exclusive to the Xbox 360. A re-emergence at E3? Oh for sure, oh for sure. We’ve left comment with Ubi and will hopefully get a response tomorrow if it’ll appear at E3.

Oh, and to clarify when it was actually last seen, it was at Ubidays 2007.

2 years… a hell of a long time.