Fable II: See the Future Out on May 12th


Lionhead’s announced that See the Future, the brand new piece of DLC coming to Fable II, will be released on May 12th, thats 2 weeks from now. The DLC will cost 560MS points, but there also will be free content for all who dont have the MS points to pony up.

The DLC will also give a big clue as to what the future lies in store for the series, will this be a signifigant hint towards Molyneux’s next game at E3 being Fable III? We shall see.

The press release is after the jump.

“See the Future” of “Fable II” Exclusively Through Xbox LIVE Marketplace on 12th May
Episode nine of Lionhead Studios’ video diary series goes behind-the-scenes of the much anticipated second Game Add-on

London, 30th April 2009 – Enter Lionhead Studios’ world of whimsy to catch a glimpse of the new adventures that await the heroes of “Fable II” in the much anticipated second Game Add-on, “See the Future”, which will be available on Xbox LIVE on 12th May. In this latest behind-the-scenes diary episode, the team chats about the continued storyline, wacky characters and design choices for “See the Future,” including the creation of 250 fun Achievement points and a trip down memory lane to the original “Fable.”

“See the Future” returns to the beloved world of Albion, where a set of cursed items from Murgo the Trader unleashes new challenges for players to overcome, including encounters with kooky ghost hobbes, bloodcurdling necromancers, a cursed knight and the Coliseum, where only the greatest heroes will emerge victorious to claim the ultimate prize. Of course, what would travel be without a trusty companion? The “Fable II” dog returns with three alter egos to guide players on their quests to see the future, in the form of a Dalmatian, Bloodhound or Husky.

In addition to fantastical new quests, creatures, characters, events and legendary artifacts, “See the Future” also offers free unique items* to all, including a unique soldier helmet, braided ponytail hairstyle, psycho Jester make-up, a new hero expression, the back flip trick for canine companions, and a collectible Murgo the Trader gold statue.

As an added bonus, all Xbox LIVE Silver account members are invited to join in on the adventurous LIVE co-op festivities during the Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend for free! Created specifically for “Fable II” fans, this Multiplayer Unlocked Weekend will be accessible in all LIVE-enabled regions where “Fable II” is available, starting on 8th May and concluding on 11th May.

The “Fable II” Game Add-on, “See the Future,” will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on 12th May for 560 MS Points for the premium content package. “Fable II” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 and is rated 16+ by PEGI. To learn more about “See the Future,” including access to this developer diary and new screenshots, head over to http://www.lionhead.com/Diaries/Default.aspx or http://www.lionhead.com/Fable2/SeetheFuture.aspx

*The free content update must be manually downloaded from Xbox LIVE and will enable those who haven’t purchased the “See the Future” premium content to continue the co-op action with their friends.