Keighley: Megaton Game “already announced”


I dont know how we honestly seen this earlier.

So, Geoff Keighley mentioned a game of meagton worthy in his Twitter that will be at E3, so you’d assume it’s a new game right? Wrong, it’s a one.

The game I mentioned is announced – no big surprise, but I love it has a “megaton” powerup.

So, what is it? Modern Warfare 2 or Mass Effect 2? One of them two, we reckon.

3 Responses to “Keighley: Megaton Game “already announced””

  1. TheWretched Says:

    So you actually don’t think this is Fallout Las Vegas?

  2. Jeff Says:

    yeah he does kind of make it sound like a new fallout. i’m actually really excited for New Vegas, apparently a lot of the Fallout 2 people are at Obsidian and even though they had a terrible budget and tiny development window for KOTOR 2 they managed to add a lot of details to the formula (player-constructed items, influence system) so I think with a proper budget and dev cycle they can add a lot to the Fallout 3 formula. I’m hoping for more weapon customization.

  3. mariosG7 Says:

    nano strike – epic games