Qore Subscribers to Get Uncharted 2 Beta

uncharted-2-1American? Qore subscriber? Have a PS3? Looking forward to Uncharted 2? Dont wanna buy inFamous? Your in luck, the next issue of Qore will have a Uncharted 2 beta token for you to get your hands on, but only if your already a subscriber.

All existing Qore subscribers will also receive a special voucher via e-mail allowing them to join the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta on June 3. Everyone who becomes a new Qore subscriber on or before May 15 will also receive the Beta invitation.

Thats from a post on the PS Blog, innit? Catch the latest trailer for Qore after the jump, it also has Batman: Arkyam Asylum, Ghostbusters and DiRT 2.