VidZone Announced for Release This Summer


VidZone, the music service announced last year at Game Convention in Leipzig, has now got a date: Summer 2009. We asked for a specfic date from Sony, but they couldnt give it to us. VidZone is an app which runs from yoru PS3 and lets you watch music videos from the app, with all major labels signed up for the service.

Great, time to hog some Radiohead!

PR is after the jump.

Interactive Music TV comes to PLAYSTATION®3

o VidZone® lets you stream music videos to your TV and create a video library
o Make your own playlists – at home or with your PSP™
o Major record labels on board

London, 6th May: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe this summer introduces VidZone, a new music video service for your PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). It’s a brand new, free service that gives you the freedom to view thousands of music videos on demand by streaming them directly to PS3. Backed by several Major record labels as well as thousands of Independent labels, VidZone will bring PlayStation music fans a wealth of the hottest music videos from artists they want to watch at their own leisure and in the comfort of their living room.

Incredibly accessible and easy to use, the VidZone application is downloaded from PlayStation®Store via PS3 and stored under the music icon on the PS3 Xross Media Bar (XMB). As well as selecting single high quality music videos to stream, you can put together and save your own music video library, creating custom playlists for every occasion that you can stop, fast forward and rewind giving you complete control. It’s not just a home experience though: VidZone features cross-functionality with PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) that lets you create your playlists when you’re out and about and then have them waiting at home ready to stream to your PS3.

Isabelle Tomatis, Hardware and Platforms Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said:
‘’Music has always been popular on PS3 and now VidZone is set to transform the way we view music videos by letting you completely tailor your experience and is just one more reason for PS3 to be the most valued player in your living room. Whether it’s singing the latest tracks with your friends on SingStar®, watching your favourite television programmes on PlayTV™, or streaming the latest music videos with VidZone, PS3 offers a world of entertainment for everyone.’’

Michael Russo, CTO and Director of Digital Business Development, VidZone commented:
‘’VidZone is not just about giving music fans access to thousands of music videos, but offering a completely interactive and personalised music experience. VidZone provides users one of the world’s largest collection of music videos, allowing consumers to stream what they want, when they want it. The great thing about using PS3 as a platform for VidZone is that fans can enjoy their favourite music videos in their living room for a much more social experience.’’

VidZone will be bringing thousands of music videos and live concert videos, as well as behind the scenes, interview and making of footage, to your TV when it launches on PS3 this summer.

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