Hands on Preview: 1 vs 100

Developer: Endemol
Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios
Console Played on: Xbox 360
Also Coming to: N/A (Xbox 360 exclusive)
Release Date: TBC
PEGI Rating: 12

Xbox Live Primetime cant come quick enough, thanks to 1 vs 100. The days of quiz games like Buzz and Scene It are over because 1 vs 100 is simply a unique title. The game is pretty much what you’d expect from the TV show: take on the mob as you or someone from the Xbox Live community is chosen as “the one” to take on the 100 mob, but relax, its not just them as you can take part too. Your avatar is also used in the game, infact it’s a prime feature and is one of the first big games outside of Arcade games to feature the use of avatars on Xbox 360 games.

In a move away from the TV show, the audience not taking part in the mob or as the one can take part and answer questions where you can win real prizes in the game, such as Microsoft Points or Arcade games. But this isnt currently available in beta form, but it should be one the full version comes out. Another interesting part for 1 vs 100 is the hosts: Chris Cashman and Jen Taylor.

Taylor is your host with “the one” but is stuff you’d normally hear from the TV show, yet Cashman is actually speaking to you live and when we say live, we actually mean “live”. He talks to you whenever a break is needed, he can talk you through the stats of the game, will read out emails and forum posts on the 1 vs 100 forum on Xbox.com, have you on the phone, it even shows the European Xbox campaign. It’s a bit of a genius move for the game, it gives the game more of a real feeling towards it and can only be a stepping stone in other quiz games to come.

You can play by yourself or in a party of four, answering questions as they come. There is also a points system for your group, which range from how fast you put in your answer, if you get the question right and how many people go out from the 100. The game will be available to all Gold members on Xbox Live whenever the full version is released, we should find that out, along with the date to Xbox Live Primetime, at E3 in two weeks time. You also get 200 gamerpoints for each season of 1 vs 100, with each season lasting up to 13 weeks.

Overall Impressions: Buzz and Scene It, your days are numbered. 1 vs 100 is set to be probably the best game on a TV quiz yet to date, if our hands on from the Canadian beta are anything. We’re impressed the most with the live host feature, that could lead places on other games if used right.

And while you cant get them in the beta, the fact you could win actual prizes, from Arcade games to MS points, could be a really big selling point for 1 vs 100, but then again, there is no selling point if your a Gold member, it’s free. Hopefully, we’ll get a date for the full version at E3, but till then, 1 vs 100 is shaping nicely, very nicely indeed.

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  1. o0 RECON 0o Says:

    If anyone cares to research this, cause I’m sure people will not believe me, you can at xbox.com in the Wishlist and feedback section of the forums. I in fact came up with the whole idea, and not only posted there, but also sent a letter straight to Major Nelson. I am am very happy they took my idea on, it would be nice to be rewarded for it though. So if anybody wants to post their own ideas about what you would like to see in the future of gaming for Xbox, feel free to do so in their forums, they actually listen to our requests. Maybe it also had something to do with the direct email to Major, but bottom line, they do listen.

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