RUMOR: Devil May Cry 5 to Be Revealed at E3 2009


We here love Devil May Cry, but the timeline is so screwed up, so correct us here if we’re wrong. Devil May Cry 4 takes place after Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 3 with Trish and Lady, but before Devil May Cry 2 with Lucia.

Well, one things for sure, prequel or sequel to Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5 is on it’s way and it ready to be shown at E3 but thats if CriousGamer is to be believed. They claim that this is the second of Capcom’s 2 secret games which will be shown at E3 in just two weeeks time, the other one revealed last night via Twitter as Tatsunko vs Capcom.

And the kicker is that it wont just be coming to PS3 or 360, it’ll also be coming to the Nintendo Wii, which would be a first for the series as the game has never appeared on a Nintendo system since it’s creation, let alone the Wii.

We’ll find out in two weeks, eh?