RUMOR: Massive Ratchet & Clank DLC Incoming for LittleBigPlanet [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Confirmed.

Original Story: Now, this is a very interesting one if this pans out, especially as it’s Sony’s E3 press conference 2 weeks tonight. It seems that LittleBigPlanet maybe welcoming a Lombax and robot companion to it’s ranks as Ratchet & Clank seems set to join Metal Gear Solid as a game to recieve a massive DLC boost on LittleBigPlanet.

Speaking to Alex Evans of Media Molecule, the Twitter for stated:

lbp levells coming, r&c content done, coming soon hopefully, up next for mm, big pack, bigger than mgs even.

Color us intrested. We’ve left comment with SCEE on this one. Insomniac are currently working on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time for a christmas release, so we’re betting this will happen before it’s release.

20 Responses to “RUMOR: Massive Ratchet & Clank DLC Incoming for LittleBigPlanet [UPDATE]”

  1. It’s spelt COLOUR not COLOR, these Americans taking letters out of out language honestly :/

  2. cell989 Says:

    I love R&C

    LBP+R&C= awesome

  3. Lee wrote: “It’s spelt COLOUR not COLOR, these Americans taking letters out of out language honestly :/”

    Hey Lee,
    I think you mean SPELLED not SPELT. These Europeans and their pompous “Americans are idiots” attitude. If we’re so dumb, how did we invent the airplane, put a man on the moon, become the most powerful nation on earth (GDP and military), etc (the list is pretty long). The revolutionary war was over 230 years ago – you lost, get over it. ;)

    • LOL @ 3, you’re not doing much to dispell the ‘Americans are idiots’ label SINCE HE WAS JOKING

  4. Raphael Says:

    David, he wasn’t commenting on spelling he was talking about how Americans take the ‘U’ out of ‘Colour’ despite it being the English language.

    And besides you wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the English.
    The British discovered America and yes there were already inhabitants but they were South American.

    And FYI you’ve proved the stereotype that all Americans are arrogant.

    • They were North American, or Native American/Aboriginal/First Nations People/Amerindian. South Americans lived in South America just as they do now.

      And it is a misspelling because this isn’t American English. Also rumour. In total there are 4 spelling mistakes (not including the Tweet) and one capitalization error :)

      Caint wate too gat mah RaC DLC.

  5. Both “spelt” and “spelled” are correct. I think “spelt” is more in use within British-English whereas “spelled” is what one sees more commonly in American-English.

    But yes, reducing “colour” to “color”—among many other violations of the English language—is rather insipid. But that happened ages ago and unfortunately, it has stuck.

    But shame on you Mr Cullen for stooping to those standards! No cookie for you.

  6. omg you know that AMERICANS STAND FOR ALL CONTINENTAL AMERICAN PEOPLE RIGHT damn gringos taking away our rights to say AMERICAN too………

  7. JESUS CHRIST i never thought the internet would ever turn into a spelling lesson.
    this is what im paying for?
    but i wish they would add some weapons or something to quest for booty, i know its a DLC but that games seriously lacking in content.

  8. Raphael Says:

    Also, David, considering how small England actually is I’m not suprised that America is more powerful.

    And for how small Britain actually is we’ve done a lot more then America.
    TV was invented first by a Scotsman, another Scotsman invented the Telephone, the computer was invented by an Englishman and electricity was first properly discovered by an Englishman.

    America may have the most powerful military but thats hardly anything to be proud of. In terms of actually creating things that will advance the world America aren’t the ‘best’.

    I’m not saying they didn’t invent ANYTHING. You invented the Lightbulb, Telegraph and first Artificial Heart and as you said, were the first to put man on the moon.

    But looking at where the world is today – technologically – the Americans deserve less praise then a lot of countries.

    • Actually, most of the people that discover things in America are foreign. And yeah if it wasn’t for us you wouldn’t exist -.-

    • And France won the American Revolution. Funny how they’ve forgotten that bit.

    • Yes france helped quite a bit however I think George Washington may have had a disagreement with you on who “won” the war……And as a side note you are all showing your stupidity by accusing the whole of a country of being less inept, I think maybe you should examine yourselves and you also might want to take into account that all of your “great observations” are being expounded on a video game blog.

  9. The British discovered America and yes there were already inhabitants but they were South American.


    Vikings are not english and if you want to go CC’s route then he was an Idiot spainard who thought he could get to india faster…………Anyone heard of the north american beringia land bridge? here read this

  10. “another Scotsman invented the Telephone” Alexander Graham Bell is a scott however his invention was an american one. Look at the patent.

  11. WOW. You’ve discovered google !!!!

    Also, anyone can put anything on wikipedia – I could go and change it right now to say that Germany won the war…..

    • this is true anyone can write anything however if youd like to cross refrence what you read you will find out that the article i refrence is correct and factually accurate, I understand you don’t like facts that don’t support your arguement however in this instance you will not be helped by defaming wikipedia.

  12. Wow, im really tired of this The world hates america bullshit… 1st off, America is a wonderful place to live, no two ways about it. 2nd, of course forigners make our inventions… its because america is a county built from all races and demographics. 3rd, We really only make fun of UK’s accents and tea obbsession… why do you have to make fun of every single one of our traits? Lastly, america has risen to world power in under 250 years. QUITE amazing considering the age of most countries… So please, stop hating america. And the whole Color-Colour thing… Its really no different from you calling them chips and we calling it fries, or football and soccer. TY for reading.