Cant Wait for Demo? Get the inFamous Demo Now! [UPDATE]


UPDATE: We have a winnar! Thanks to all who entered.

Original Story: Tomorrow sees the release of the demo of inFamous, Sucker Punch’s brand new IP which is exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3.

It’s due out on May 26th in the US, May 29th in the UK, but does get a public demo tomorrow on the PS Store. But what if you wanna get a 24 hr headstart on those who have to wait till tomorrow’s PS Store update before getting the demo? Well, you can!

GOONL!NE has a code to give away to one lucky bedfellow so he or she can get a headstart on the demo. To enter, all we need you to do is this:

Pick a song which goes well with inFamous. Not the title, just the game as a whole. We’ll be judging throughout and whoever is the best picked entry wins and will be emailed a code using the email used when you enter. So to enter:

Pick a song which goes well when playing inFamous and then give us a reason why. Once your done with that, email . We’ll notify a winner by 9:00pm BST tonight.

Good luck!

3 Responses to “Cant Wait for Demo? Get the inFamous Demo Now! [UPDATE]”

  1. James Says:

    Nah, can’t be bothered with that. Just send *me* the code at :o )

    (Replace fivefivefive with 555)

    PS Weren’t you writing for PSLS? What happened?

  2. Peter Says:

    I gave it a shot ;)

  3. aguy Says:

    a good demo but it doesnt do the game any justice, its a very small “vertical slice”