trICO E3 Reveal in Doubt

TRICOThis wont bode well for all.

VG247 has confirmed that this morning’s leaked video of the new Team ICO game, tentively called trICO, is absolutely real.

Thats the small good news, now for the big bad news.

Still want the game at E3? Be afraid Radiohead, it might not happen now. They have it on good authority also that the game isnt that far advanced for a E3 reveal at Sony’s Press Conference on the first Tuesday of June at the Shrine theatre in Los Angeles, which could now mean a reveal is postponed until the Tokyo Games Show in late September.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Sony on this, but having looked about other sites, it looks like we’re gonna get the same answer. We’ll let you know soon what the story is as soon as we get it.

7 Responses to “trICO E3 Reveal in Doubt”

  1. CrimsonFox13 Says:

    I heard on another site that they won’t postpone it. The guy said he was shown the trailer that was to be shown at E3 and that wasn’t it.

    Hope it’s true.

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      CGReviews is a unrealiable source, where VG247 is. I’ll, sadly, go with them on this one.

  2. aguy Says:

    Mr. Cullen is correct it will not be at E3. it will be at TGS but this video has nothing to do with the change of venue its more of a timing issue.

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      For all I know, it could still be at E3, just VG247 is more of a realiable site, with it been run by a former senior editor from Eurogamer compared to a site which is reletively unknown (just to get my point from above across).

      I hope it’s at E3, it could still be because its 50-50 right now, but right now I’m worried.

    • aguy Says:

      right on, Ive heard on good authority your correct. It will be at TGS not E3

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      Can you give any more info? If you can, email me.

    • aguy Says:

      No i can’t sorry. but rumors they r a flying.