CONFIRMED: Max Payne 3 Teaser a Fake

Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games has confirmed to GOONL!NE that a teaser trailer of Max Payne 3 released this morning is a fake. It comes as a “” was apparently released onto the internet this morning with several websites picking up on it, with GOONL!NE about to publish the said trailer too this morning.

However, cracks emerged when several source said that while it had the artwork from the teaser site (no problem with that in a video), the audio was from Max Payne 2, which was released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in 2004.

And Rockstar confirmed it as fake when they stated that they “never released a Max Payne 3 trailer this morning”. And dont bet on an E3 appearence as Rockstar wont be there, so your gonna have to wait a little while longer for that first teaser/trailer.

But it has to come soon, it’s out this Winter for PS3 and 360 and in development in Rockstar Vancouver.

5 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Max Payne 3 Teaser a Fake”

  1. dedyradix Says:

    Stupid Trailer ….

  2. D.Vader Says:

    Your quote “never released a Max Payne 3 trailer this morning” doesn’t seem to match any other sites but yours.

    • Was remembering from the top of my head, Rich, was kinda in a rush. But it was something amongist them lines.

      EDIT: The actual line given by Rockstar was “Rockstar have not released any teaser trailer for Max Payne 3.”

      • D.Vader Says:

        Still Zero Results on that quote man.

        “Rockstar have not released any teaser trailer for Max Payne 3.”

        If you are going to use a quote it helps to mention WHO said it.

        I believe the story, but I am just pointing out where you might get into some trouble with this.

        Generally it helps to have a source link too.