Sam Fisher Goes to Washington in New Splinter Cell: Conviction Teaser


Ubisoft has released a brand new teaser for Splinter Cell: Conviction, which sees another satelite teaser but this time, it’s pointing at Washington D.C; not Malta as the first teaser did, maybe the teasers are hints at where Mr. Fisher is going?

And it seems all but clear now that Sam Fisher will be voiced again by Michael Ironside. It was thought during the game’s blackout that he was fired from the role, it seems he wasnt then. When GOONL!NE asked Ubisoft for more info, all we were told was to “keep watching the teaser site”.

E3 in only a week and a half away now, lets see where this leads.

The teaser is after the jump. game’s hopefully out this year for Xbox 360.

Is it just us or is Sam turning emo? He’s been listen to a little too much FOB, innit?

3 Responses to “Sam Fisher Goes to Washington in New Splinter Cell: Conviction Teaser”

  1. aguy Says:

    will this stay exclusive to xbox or maybe just maybe go to another console as well?………………only time will tell..

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      Right now, it remains an Xbox 360 exclusive.

      But E3 may say otherwise.

  2. aguy Says:

    I think you might be on to something there.