Leading Actress in “The Casting” Will Be “seen soon”

Heavy Rain 7

Remember her from above? (if you dont, to get a reminder) If you do, you’ll know that we havent seen here for a while since a tech demo was shown at E3 2006 called “The Casting” for the PLAYSTATION 3.

She was an actress called Mary and she auditioned for a role in the movie, which culmated in her shooting someone. She failed to get the role because she was “too tall”. But now, if a 1Up preview is to be believed, we’ll be seeing her very soon.

The final line of the preview states:

[Guillaume] de Fondaumiere [executive producer and co-CEO, QD] drops one hint along these lines at the end of our interview: “The girl from The Casting? You’ll see her very soon.”

E3? Oh you know it.

And yes, “The Casting” is Heavy Rain, which got new footage this morning, along with confirmation of the UK’s first public demo of the game next month, although SCEE are still to confirm a 2009/2010 date for the game.