E3 2009: SCEA Promises a “fresh” PS3 Title to Be Revealed Soon


GOONL!NE’s just been tipped to a tweet from an SCEA spokesperson which gives us a really big hint at something for E3.

, who is a PR for SCEA, has dropped a serious hint as to what could only one can assume to be a brand new title coming to the PS3, which he’s described as “fresh” in the tweet. The best thing: the embargo/NDA goes soon.

E3 UPDATE: Fresh New Title for PS3 @ E3, will keep you guys posted as soon as I can (Embargo might be lifting soon), STAY TUNED…

We’ll know next Tuesday, SCEA have their E3 press conference.

Thanks, Richard!

15 Responses to “E3 2009: SCEA Promises a “fresh” PS3 Title to Be Revealed Soon”

  1. cell989 Says:

    so, basically a new IP?

  2. chewrafa Says:

    Sly Cooper 4.

  3. Legend of Dragoon 2 :P

  4. Lance Armstrong Says:

    here’s hoping you are right Chaze!

  5. Coolbeans Says:

    It wouldn’t be sly cooper 4 or legend of dragoon 2 because he said brand new game that’s fresh. I’m going to guess it’s a 3D game to be announced in conjunction with a firmware update to include 3D abilities.

  6. Its totally new game that will be really creative in concept

  7. killer3aw Says:

    maybe twisted metal for ps3 plz

  8. Its Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3 only no questions asked.

  9. im going to go with a psn game like pixle junk but in 3D.
    or mayb they will FINALY be giving us acsess to the motorstorm and GT5 3D games showed at GDC.
    just one question if they did finaly release that stuff would you need a 3D compatiable screen like you do with the new NVidia stuff?
    or would the system do all the work, because well lets face it no one in this economy is going to buy a new TV just for 3D games

  10. just because he said fresh I wouldn’t count that as a “new ip”. but hey i could be wrong.

  11. oh and as far as 3d….i bet they would need to release a new firmware that doesn’t seem to do much…..alot like the last one we all downloaded.

  12. I really liked your blog! keep it up