CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not at E3


Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has said that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not be making an appearence next week at E3. He states in an interview in Dengeki to “wait a little longer” to see the game as he promises to show something “very surprising” once the time arrives which will impress everyone.

He did state though that the graphic quailty of the game is “breathtaking” so far and also likes the actions of the characters in the game. They’re also testing the system map and the in-game battle system for the game.

Oh well, cheer up, you do have Final Fantasy XIII to tide you over next week, despite Nomura’s lesser role.

2 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not at E3”

  1. My guess is we’ll finally see more substantial things concerning this game at TGS…