E3 2009: Mass Effect 2 Release Brought Forward to 2009

Mass Effect

So, Mass Effect 2.

It’s one of the game’s we’re keeping an eye on next week during E3, it’s the one game we’re so excited for here at GOONL!NE. It even got a pre-E3 teaser this morning, and now BioWare has seen fit to publish online a Facebook group for it’s upcoming game, which you can .

But at the bottom of the page, it shows details for the game and the last bit shows a release date, which is nothing as it was already pegged at 2010, until you see it’s down for late 2009. Oh hell yeah! We’ve left an email with EA to see whats going on.

There’s also been confirmation as to how you can play Mass Effect 2 if you never played the first:

New to ME? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a new character in Mass Effect 2 and bring you up to speed on the story.

E3, next week, we’re going to town on this bad boy. It’s an Xbox 360 exclusive, released… 09 or 10.

5 Responses to “E3 2009: Mass Effect 2 Release Brought Forward to 2009”

  1. Bellagio Says:

    It’s on 360 as well, it’s not exclusive; it’s console exclusive. Please edit.
    PS:I own a 360 so this isn’t motivated by fanboyism.

  2. Is this not coming to PC??

  3. Shan Mackuryen Says:

    Simulataneous pc and 360 release date.

  4. release dates are swaped and changed all the time, like quantum theroy was supose to be this year now its next.
    FFXIII at EB was listed as late october 2008 still waiting.
    RE5 was listed as early december 2008.
    catch my drift?
    what about alan wake? thats the only 360 exclusive i care about so far, and well i think its about bloody time we get heaps of info at E3 allong with a 09 release date. o and how could i forget GT5 im going to be a great grand dad by the time thats out.

  5. Dragula Says:

    I wonder if it will reckognise how I choosed to end the first game. Humans as ruling species!