E3 2009: RUMOR: Team ICO Coming to LittleBigPlanet


If this concept art after the jump is to be believed, we could be seeing a joint project for LittleBigPlanet concerning Team ICO. The team’s latest project, trICO, was leaked last week in a trailer and screens, but now it looks like they could be involved with LBP too. It shows Yorda and the horned boy from ICO.

As well as that, the concept art in question is actually also confirmed to have been made by Media Molecule.  Media Molecule are known fans of Team ICO, having said in their debut podcast that they are looking forward to whatever the project maybe that Team ICO are doing. Interesting to say the least, needless to say, we’ve contacted SCEE on the subject to see whats going on. Catch the incriminating concept art after the jump.

It’s SCEA’s E3 conference on Tuesday, this, and trICO, could be there.