E3 2009: Xbox.com to Show Microsoft E3 Briefing


This shit just went to Deathcon 5.

Xbox.com is promising to show the Microsoft E3 briefing when it kicks off on Monday at 6:30pm BST. It says:

E3 is the biggest event in the Xbox calendar and we’re giving you the best seats in the house! Watch the Xbox E3 Show live right here on Xbox.com from 18:30 UK. Prepare for some huge announcements!

Oh we’re watching alright, it’s a nice change from IGN, G4 or GameSpot if things go wrong. However, if reading is more you thing, we have a livetext on Monday from 4pm BST, 2 and a half hours before kickoff so we can build the hype.

Oh, guess what? IT’S E – FUCKING – 3 BABY! Fuck yes!

2 Responses to “E3 2009: Xbox.com to Show Microsoft E3 Briefing”

  1. aguy Says:

    not to be a dick man but it’s DEFCON as in defense condition. not Deathcon which is some weird snuff convention.

  2. aguy Says:

    oh and I think your number scale is a little off, I think you meant DEFCON 1

    DEFCON 5
    This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime military readiness. An upgrade in military preparedness is typically made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and announced by the United States Secretary of Defense.
    DEFCON 4
    This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of national security measures.
    DEFCON 3
    This refers to an increase to force readiness above normal. Radio call signs used by American forces change to currently classified call signs. This was reached after 9/11.
    DEFCON 2
    This refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness. The most notable time it was declared was during the Cuban Missile Crisis, although the declaration was limited to Strategic Air Command. It is not certain how many times this level of readiness has been reached.
    DEFCON 1
    This refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether this has ever been used, but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on US military forces or US territory by a foreign military power.