E3 2009: Nikkei – Wii Fit to Have Internet, New Mario Incoming

mario-galaxyIn probably the first report we’ve covered that’s from Nintendo before E3, Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting that there will be a new Mario game by the end of the year, alongside a new Wii Fit. Nikkei didnt state what the new Mario will be like, just stating the new Mario is on it’s way, the same for Wii Fit. However, unlike Mario, Nikkei did state one thing for the new Wii Fit: it would have internet features.

As to what capacity, they didnt state.

Nintendo’s E3 press conference is on Tuesday, with a livetext from 4pm BST, just before Sony’s. Which leaves us with one final big question: will any of the big 3 make it to E3 without spilling announcements? First Sony yesterday and now today, Nintendo. Tomororw, Microsoft?

Ta, Pat.