E3 2009: CONFIRMED: Forza Motorsport 3 Announced

Forza 3

Forza Motorsport was, unsurprisingly, announced tonight at the Microsoft press conference tonight. Turn 10 came on the stage with a red Audi R8 behind them, followed up by a showreel of gameplay involving the Audi R8, with damage enabled.

This is how you do it Gran Turismo.

As well as that, T10 announced that there will be HD video available from the Forza community via a video editor that will be included in the game. We’re a little hazy after what happened, but if we remember correct, Fall was mentioned as a release date.

Kazunori, beat that. SCEA press conference tomorrow from 7pm BST, livetext from 6pm.

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  1. aguy Says:

    maybe it was just me but it looked awful “cartooney”