E3 2009: Microsoft Press Conference — LIVE


This is it, the gaming mecca of games has arrive, the Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

Microsoft will go first tonight in two and a half hours with their press briefing at 6:25pm BST, 5 minutes earlier then planned due to a “special addition”.

Click the link to get our livetext underway.

Microsoft Press Conference — LIVE

3 Responses to “E3 2009: Microsoft Press Conference — LIVE”

  1. Roybott Says:

    “Click the link to get our livetext underway.”

    What link? :)

  2. Roybott Says:

    Damn it appeared as I posted :(

    • Jonathan Cullen Says:

      Yeah, I was running frantic to get it up and going. It’s up now though :D