E3 2009: Project Natal Announced


Microsoft have announced Project Natal for Xbox 360.

The announcement came right near the end of the Microsoft press conference and took over half an hour from the end of the conference at a segment which contained demos for the project, which involved Dodgeball and doing a painting.

As well as that, Steven Spielberg came out on stage to announce that he will be working on Natal with his partners. Spielberg revealed to the BBC today (via VG247) that all the games he was doing with EA has now been dropped, just to do Natal.

I’m currently making videogames through EA, and right now I’m so excited to be able to write for [Natal]. That’s what I’m most excited about, because it sort of changes the paradigm of what I would have written for last week, now all that has been thrown away and it’s a whole new world, a whole new beginning.

This is going to try to bring those that are intimidated or scared of the technology, with what the buttons do or what the controller does, this is going to give people that don’t usually play videogames access to a whole new world that we know is compelling but they haven’t quite discovered yet

Let’s see if the original act, Nintendo, can follow that up with something even more impressive. Catch the livetext from now from 4pm BST. Footage of Natal is coming tonight.