E3 2009: Assassins Creed 2 Shown at Sony Press Conference for First Time


Now confirmed for a November 17th release in the US, Ubisoft showed off the first ever gameplay footage of Assassins Creed 2 tonight at the Sony press conference at E3.

Patrice Desilets of Ubi came on to demo the game for the very first time. From what was shown, you can kill two people at the same time by now using a second hidden blade. You can also assassinate guards at one point using Da Vinci’s flying machine.

Desilets went on to say that there would be up to 36 weapons in the game, 30 in the game itself with another 6 unlocked when you connect Assassins Creed: Bloodline for PSP. There also new tools for the game, one of which being smoke bombs which you can use while trying to escape.

As for the story, Desilets confirmed that Desmond Miles will be back from the first game in the Animus, but this time it wont be based on Altair, it’ll be based on Ezio, who was revealed to us a couple of months ago. There will also be new assassination techniques, one such example would be when Ezio is hanging on a ledge with a guard standing over him. Ezio grabs him and pulls him to the ground while he gets to the top.

Also shown is how advanced the enemy AI is. Whenever hidden after a Leap of Faith, enemy guards will look for you in places they wouldnt have in the first game, like in the barn wagons. However, Ezio can also kill the enemy guards by using the hidden blade, hide the body in the barn and come out.

Finally, Desilets said there would be more diversity in the game. The biggest critcism the first game got was that it was too repeative, on missions, assassinations, everything.

PS3 and 360, November 20th it’s out for in the UK.