E3 2009: Molyneux Promoted to Creative Director of MGS Europe

It’s been announced that Peter Molyneux willl now be creative director of Microsoft Games Studios in Europe.

The head of Lionhead will still oversee the studio, but will also have input into other projects in studios like Rare for example. On the appointment, Phil Spencer who heads up MGS said:

The best way for us to make sure our platforms evolve in a way that enables the best creative experiences is to make sure our creative leaders are closely tied into the work that’s going on with the platform team.

What we’re asking Peter to do is a creative director role for us in Europe, overseeing all of the creative work that goes on at our studios in the UK and Europe, and the different projects that we have with external partners.

And as for Molyneux himself:

What you’re not going to see is ten Peter Molyneux games. The value of this role is for someone like myself going in and making those little tiny lights of an idea shine as brightly as possible and ensuring everybody within the organisation clearly understands why we’re making those titles, the purpose of those titles and their importance to Microsoft overall.

All I’m going to be doing is making sure those lights are as bright as possible. People at Rare and other European studios are super, super bright and creative people and I’ll learn as much about design from them as they would from me.

Congrats Pete! Find more at GI. Molyneux announced Milo, a brand new game specfically for Project Natal which is simply lifelike. It’s a see it to believe it moment.