E3 2009: GOONL!NE Game of Show – Nominees


So, E3 is over. Some assets still to be uploaded here, but needless to say, E3 is over. But what big announcements, megatons and even a couple of gigatons. But even then, it wasn’t about the conferences or the announcements, it’s about the games.

It’s the reason why we keep an eye on them during E3, and why one game in particular is judged to be the “best of show”. Tomorrow, we announce our “game of show” as well as several other catagories, including best trailer, best announcment and best games for each platform.

But the biggest of the lot is game of the show. Last year, we gave it to Fallout 3, but who will we give it to this year? Well, we aint gonna tell you who but, in no particular order, after the jump, you’ll get 10 hints as to your nominees.

Can you guess what they are?

God of War III
Mass Effect 5
Splinter Cell Conviction 2
Forza 3
Assassins Creed 2

Come back tomorrow to see who wins GOONL!NE 2009 Best of Show.