E3 2009: The Funny Side of E3


E3′s been incredible, but as well as the seriousness of announcements, games and conferences, the expo has a funny side. Oh lord, what would we do now without GT translator. Or what about Ubisoft, and their press conference?

And while Natal was a revolution in the wings during the Microsoft press conference, it did throw some thing’s not too evolutionary. Catch the funny side of the expo, thanks to eBaums, 4c and GAF, after the jump with our top picks.

Truth be told, we’re nearly in stiches with some of these

Our favourite:

Seriously, this is just gold.

Gran Turismo Translator:




The Up’s and Downs of Final Fantasy XIV Being Announced (with a cameo from GT translator)

Yeah, we’re a tad obsessed with translator guy.

6 Responses to “E3 2009: The Funny Side of E3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s like i’m really surfing ebaumsworld

  2. LOL at the comments I just deleted.

    Now, before you go on your litle rants about how it was stolen and no credit was given, do you care to look above? There is a source link above to GAF which links to the thread.

    Now, if I took the time to credit the specfic people who made these (great and funny, I must add) pics, it would take too long.

    But if you really want it that bad, I’ll do it.

    Just please, calm down.

  3. Christopher Poole Says:

    These are from /v/. IDK if people post them around but Ill be damned if GAF takes credit away where credit is due. Like they always do.

  4. Why are you crediting neogaf?

  5. it wasn’t even that funny:/

    but it was good you put it together because it must have taken time.

    Making a video of it would have been better

  6. it looks like some of them were actually made by gaf people, but the idea was definitely spawned from /v/ even as the conference was happening

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