Bayonetta Rated by BBFC & ESRB


Snooping, how we love it.

We’ve been checking them classification decisions from the BBFC and ESRB, and they seem to have churned out a new subject: Bayonetta. The BBFC have given a 15 rating for the game, while the ESRB have given a M for Mature rating for the game.

While we dont know when the ESRB rating came in, the BBFC rating came in on Wednesday last week, June 3rd.

It’s near release after all, the game’s out worldwide in the Autumn for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Just dont mention Bayonetta, or for that matter Hideki Kamiya, to Tomonobu Itagaki, he’s not a big fan of the game.

One Response to “Bayonetta Rated by BBFC & ESRB”

  1. Korede Ogunremi Says:

    I hope it dont hurt the game bus. After all it looks good; but I hope it dont take it over the top too much. Im still a DevilMayCry fan. I cant wait for Capcom to make DevilMayCry 5 soon to kick God of War 3 but . I want Capcom to put a message to Sony that; That we the Capcom have a better action game than your poor God of War 3 game. I cant wait for DevilMayCry 5 to come out.