New Final Fantasy XIV Scan from Famitsu

Final Fantasy XIVA new scan of Final Fantasy XIV has emerged from Famitsu, catch it after the jump.

It has two tidbits of new info.

  • The game’s planning stages goes back as far as 4 years ago (2004/2005 probably)
  • The world in FFXIV will be different then that of Final Fantasy XI

This was a gigaton announcement at E3 last week, exclusive (for now) to the PLAYSTATION 3 and coming as an MMO in 2010.

3 Responses to “New Final Fantasy XIV Scan from Famitsu”

  1. Neither of those tidbits were new info.

  2. FACTUAL evidence Says:

    Not even new, plus i think this is another waste of the FF franchise all together. 11/14 fuck off and get a real story, and single player….

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