No More MGS: Rising Till E3 2010

Rising 2So, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, announced last week at the Microsoft press briefing during E3 to a massive amount of shock (ourselves included). But very little info was given other then Raiden would be returning as the main character. So, when would we hear more info on the game? GamesCOM? Tokyo Games Show? To bluntly answer your question: neither, no more info on the game will be released until E3 2010.

In an interview with Famitsu, producers working on the newly announced Metal Gear Arcade (an arcade version of Metal Gear Online for PS3) said that more info wont be coming until next year’s E3 and thats not even under a year away yet, next’s year’s E3 takes place between June 14th – June 17th 2010.

So sadly, looks like it’s just Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to tide us over, if any MGS game is to be shown during GC or TGS. That said… we still want Zone of the Enders 3. The news comes as Metal Gear Solid 4 celebrates its one year anniversary worldwide this week.

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