EA’s Sóderland: Mirror’s Edge 2 in Development

mirrors-edge-banner-1The senior Vice President of EA Games Europe, Patrick Sóderland has confirmed to VideoGamer.com that Mirror’s Edge 2 is coming and being worked on by a small team at DICE.

Soderland, who also heads up DICE, said that a small team in the studio is working on the game, but would give a timeline as to when the game will be released.

You will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure. It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I’m excited about what we do.

The first Mirror’s Edge came out less then a year ago, and while it did have a lack of varity as well as being difficult in places where it shouldn’t have been, the game was still very good as pointed out in our review for the game.