Sony PR Outed as a Fake


Remember , the so-called Twitterer who claimed to be a Sony PR and spread about massive stuff for Sony’s E3 press conference? He’s been outed as a fake of course now, and ever so subtly as well by another Twitter user who is a proper SCEA PR: Social Media Manager of SCEA and head honco for the US PS Blog, .

For the record, the only real PlayStation PR person identifying himself as such on Twitter is… me. Think of this as “Jeff’s Place” :-)

And when we went to check for his Twitter, it wasnt found. So, consider this your warning if you try to impersonate Sony PR.

6 Responses to “Sony PR Outed as a Fake”

  1. wow….. what a great article…. so FULL of information. I want the last minute of my life back, thanks

  2. No one forced you to read it

  3. Wow waste of time. Crapy site to…

  4. I tried to tell yall…….well maybe not goonline but all sorts of other sites.