Metal Gear Solid: Rising to Not Use Metal Gear Solid 4 Engine

RisingSo, we’d think that MGS: Rising will look good with the Metal Gear Solid 4 engine? Oh no doubt it’ll look great, but not on the MGS4 engine. The hewest KP report (pointed out by PS3-Center) has said that they are using a new engine for the game, so it can run fine on the Xbox 360 and PC versions as well as the PS3 version.

After one game too, 4 years of developing with that engine done the tube, along with money? We’d like to think not, we hope Kojima will bring it back for whatever big PS3 project he is doing next (we’d tell you what we want it to be, but you probably know as we’ve been wanting it forever now) as he aint directly involved with Rising, only being a Producer on the title.

Metal Gear Solid 4 celebrated it’s 1 year birthday yesterday, catch our thoughts of it here.