CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid Announcements Coming All This Week

MGS4Konami’s confirmed that Metal Gear Solid related news will be announced all this week.

But should 360 owners be on their guard for a MGS4 port announcment? No, game announcements have come and gone from KP at E3 in Rising. However, if we were betting people, the biggest announcement would be for trophies at the end of the week.

Two things were already announced, which was Metal Gear Solid coming to the PS Store this week and a update to Metal Gear Online which includes a new map for any owners of the Scene expansion plus more. They’ll take place in the wake of the first birthday of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which was last week. But either way, this will end up being hyped to the biggest announcement of them: trophies.

Either way, dont expect anything on Rising during this week.

We expect the first of these announcements tonight on the PS Blog, when we dont know.

Just one thing: why didnt this take place last week when it was Metal Gear Solid 4′s one year anniversary?

From Kotaku.