New Persona Teased in Famitsu

Persona 4If you are like us, and you loved Persona 4, you may wanna grab a pair of new pants, this will excite you.

A new Persona has been teased in Famitsu this week showing 3 characters in a white background, one of which is sitting on a chair. We say Persona because the art design is exactly like that for Persona games.

As for the text, we havent translated it, but we’re trying to right now. Tokyo Games Show, or sooner, cant come soon enough. Atlus had already teased that a new Persona would be coming for either PLAYSTATION 3 or Xbox 360.

Catch the scan after the jump.

We dont do PS2 games on GO, but we have to say this: if you havent already, go and buy Persona 4. Amazing.

Teaser Scan

8 Responses to “New Persona Teased in Famitsu”

  1. This ad is for “PERSONA MUSIC LIVE” DVD.

  2. But who is the third guy?

  3. the third guy on the floor is the main character from the Anime sequal to Persona 3.

  4. he is the main character from persona anime called: Persona: Trinity Soul

  5. royston vasey Says:

    still waiting for my copy of persona 4 to arrive i ordered it after hearing it was accessibe to newcomers to the series something i was always worried about with persona i hope P5 maintains the status quo

  6. royston vasey Says:

    nice friendly welcome for my first post! for your information i read the article not the comments i am sorry i offended you

  7. Johann Faust Says:

    It would be awesome if in the next game all three would be in it, even if it highly unlikely.

    Hopefully on the current consoles, the Persona 5 will incorporate the Social Links into the main storyline, and make the content even better.

  8. P5, will come in ps2 no way… It will come in ps3…atlus have success from ps2…and they must pay back for the success to ps2