Magna Carta 2 Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 [UPDATE]

Magna Carta 2UPDATE: False alarm, it is a misprint.

We just got the scans and it shows the game as an Xbox 360 game, but not as a PS3 game. So rule it out we’re afraid. But them scans are after the jump.

Original Story: We’re still sketchy on the details as this has just come out, but the new issue of Famitsu has a feature which shows that the once Xbox 360 exclusive Magna Carta 2 is coming to PLAYSTATION 3. It is however still coming to the 360.

So far, the only proof we’ve seen of it is that it shows in the index of the magazine according to several translations that have already come out, but we are promised scans of it soon, so check back soon and we’ll update when we get them.

6 Responses to “Magna Carta 2 Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 [UPDATE]”

  1. narutomaki Says:

    I remember something similar with Eternal Sonata and with Tales of Vesperia.

  2. Its so weird. Originally PS pro; Tri-ace, square enix, and kojima (MGS, fantastic games by the way guys) have com out with exclusives for the Xbox. As much as it hurts me to say it is like their completely screwing their original fans over. Im all for profitable marketing so i don’t care if Original PS exclusives are now multi-platforme but it seems like their trying to hard to make these RPG exclusives for the Xbox when its not going to to be rated or appreciated as well as it would have on the PS. I’ll put it out there; when gamers bought the Xbox they bought it for the muturity and the gore. So RPGs won’t be appreicated or bought as much on the Xbox as it would have on the PS. There are probably some but very few that bought it for the RPGs even if there were almost zero of them for the Xbox. This is because most or your original fans are PS pro, you can make it multi-platform so why cut us out of the fun.

  3. Agree with you whole-heartedly Xien!
    I am a huge RPG fan that is dismayed by the complete apathy that the majority of Xbox owners have toward games that have appeared on their system. (Star Ocean, I’m looking in your direction).

    These games should have been brought to the built in fan base, those who have played and supported these games from the beginning… PS players. I’m okay with multi-platform as everyone needs to turn a profit, but to release as an exclusive in a market that does not want, nor appreciate your service??? Shenanigans!


  4. DId it ever occur to you guys that the 360 fanbase is versatile? I grew up on Sega and Nintendo, I was with Sega until the Dreamcast died… And I enjoyed RPGs from the East like Panzer Dragoon Saga.
    I moved to Xbox 360 after DC, and its unfair to label every Xbox owner with the same brush . There IS an audience to cater for with J/KRPGs on the Xbox. Not all of us play shooters all the time. I do agree however there is no need to make them exclusive to Xbox. Likewise I think games like WKC should come to Xbox. Share and share alike.

  5. lol? fake ‘-’ magna carta 2 is esclusive xbox360

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