PD: Gran Turismo 5 Date to Be Announced Soon

gt5Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital has said to AutoWeek magazine (via GT Planet) that a release date for Gran Turismo 5 is incoming and will be announced soon.

Specfically soon? How does Tokyo Games Show sound? Thats what we’re hearing. And as GT Planet points out, they announced the release date for GT5: Prologue at TGS 07. Question now is this, when is the release? Well, if your being honest, 2010 we think. But Yamauchi has being hinting quite alot that they can release the game at any stage, and there has been rumor of a release for before Christmas, December 1st infact.

We look forward to the news with berated breath.

2 Responses to “PD: Gran Turismo 5 Date to Be Announced Soon”

  1. I heard 12-15-09 but we should wait and see…these dates are always “floating” until the disc goes gold…..

  2. Chris Izzard Says:

    I really feel that a SPEED BOWL should be put in the game to fully rate your top speed after all tuning is done. Sarthe is quite long if chicanes are removed yet you still won’t be able to gauge some of the newer models in GT5. Also maybe a use for all the millions you still have after you have 100%… Idea pay for fuel, by this I mean buy fuel just like you would wash your car and what happened to buying the touring bodies in turn adding 2 or 3x more cars to your garage. Damage I can do without but to have the Perfect Driving/Touring Sim you must not exclude your prior inovations but include them as you go along. Something to think about, can’t wait for release.