Kojima: Castlevania Involvement is for “support”

kojimaHideo Kojima has spoken out in this week’s Famitsu (via 1UP) on his involvement with Castlevania: Lords of  Shadow.

The game, revealed to be a Castlevania game at E3 and one of the 3 myserious games the Kojima Productions head teased about before the show alongside two new Metal Gear Solid games in Rising and Peace Walker,  isnt in development at Kojima Productions and is actually being done by MercuryStream for the PS3 and 360, but Koj does insist that his studio are playing a “support role”.

Kojima Productions is playing more of a support role. Castlevania is one of Konami’s most important brands, one that’s seen many releases since the original, and they’ve all been received warmly, but there’s never been a Castlevania created to really satisfy Western gamers. People like Dave [Cox, game's producer] were influenced by Castlevania to become game designers, and now they’re making titles like God of War. This has become a big project, one with the idea that we needed to make a Castlevania which had that same kind of feverish Western support, and that’s why Kojima Productions came in to help.

It’s out next year.