Analyst: New GTA IV DLC in 2010, GTA V in 2011

gta-iv-lost-and-damnedA senior analyst at Kauffman Bros Equity Research group has said that they expect two new DLC episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV next year with a 2011 release for Grand Theft Auto V.

Todd Mitchell said to GI that formats they were unsure about as far as the DLC went.

I would expect that there would be two more pieces of downloadable content for GTA IV, that’s what has been indicated to me, although formats are unsure. It’s been indicated to me that would be the case.

As for GTA V…

Coming out of E3 there was no commitment to a new Grand Theft Auto, and I think that’s because of Rockstar’s track record with delivering on time.

“Of the three, I’m least confident in saying for sure there will be a new GTA for PlayStation 2, but the track record shows that PSP titles have been repositioned [on PS2][Chinatown Wars for the PSP].

A second GTA IV DLC episode, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is coming this Fall to the Xbox 360.