Molyneux: Natal “has given life to Milo”

Molyneux & NatalIt’s like that movie with the whale, the puppet and the cricket, innit.

Lionhead’s president Peter Molyneux has said to that thanks to Project Natal, it has brought Milo to life. Look papa, I’m a real boy! Molyneux also stated that Milo existed long before Natal did.

Milo existed. But Christmas has given life to Milo.

Molyneux also confirmed that Milo was the remnants of Project Dimitri, but legal issues were present and had to change it.

Yes, before it was called Dimitri. We use the name Dimitri, but there were legal issues and could not use.

Earlier, BioWare head Ray Muzyka said that the motion camera was “a platform extention” as well as adding it is”a really powerful idea.”