Battlefield 1943 Launches This Evening on PSN

Battlefield 1943Having launched yesterday on Xbox Live Marketplace, Battlefield 1943 launches on the PlayStation Network tonight in it’s Thursday update. We have the PSN version already, with thanks and love to TheSixthAxis for last night, catch our review of it sometime next week.

However, if you do decide to get the PSN version, we’d advise a bit of skeptisim: servers for the Xbox Live version were jampacked yesterday. However, EA DICE has now increased the server load for the game, on both the XBL and PSN version’s of the game, according to this forum post on the EA forums.

And already, the PSN version seems to be already out thanks to the Japanese Store update (as pointed out by TSA). We advise taking a peek around it first as it looks like it is the demo for the game before buying the full version later on tonight.

And it’s in English as well. Go take a look.