BioWare’s Muzyka: DAO on Consoles to Be “same deep experience” as PC

BioWare Dr'sOne of the good BioWare Dr’s, CEO and president of EA’s newly found RPGMMO division, Ray Muzyka has said that Dragon Age: Origins will be the “same deep experience” on consoles as it is on the PC version, speaking to GameTrailers.

It’s the same deep rich experience on both systems [PS3/360 and PC], we’re not compromising anything on PC or on console. The fans are gonna get a great game either way.

Muzyka also said that the controls have been “customised” and “handcrafted” for all 3 SKUs.

One of the things we’re doing is we’re really focusing on making sure the controls on console and PC are customised, handcrafted and really feel really appropriate for the kinds of players that want to play different versions of the game.

Earlier, Muzyka seemed to have confirmed a October 23rd date for the game on PS3 and 360 in Europe. As the time of writing this, we’ve asked EA to confirm it. Catch the interview after the jump.