MechWarrior Announced for Xbox 360

MechwarriorA total reboot of the MechWarrior franchise has been announced with a new game in co-development by Piraha Games and Smith & Tinker.

Simply called MechWarrior, the game will visit its old roots on the PC, but will also launch on the Xbox 360 as well with no date as of yet. The games takes place, in the year 3015, where on the Planet Desher, you take on the role of Adrian Khol, who just loves to party and hates training & studies.

Who doesn’t?

Anyways, after House Kurita launch an invasion of Desher, which sees Adrian’s family killed, he goes off his head and decides to do something about it with his massive robot and discovers a cause to fight.

Yeah, you can tell we know alot about the series.

Catch the first info, screens, the first trailer and an interview with Jordan Weisman of Smith & Tinker and Russ Bullock of Piraha Games over at IGN, but catch the first proper trailer after the jump.