BioWare Release Second Development Diary for Mass Effect 2

ME2BioWare have released a second developer diary for Mass Effect 2, which tells you alot more of the game’s story, its refiend gameplay and thensome.

Project Director Casey Hudson, as well as other BioWare staff on ME2, talk about some of the newest refinements in the gameplay, one of which being an interupt system in which Shepard can decide, as Hudson puts it, “enough is enough” and take instant action. while in the middle of a conversation.

And speaking of Shepard, he will be playable in the game. But beware, Hudson hinted near the end of the video that if you kill off Shepard in Mass Effect 2, he stays dead. “Permanently” as he put it. They also tell you how the Normandy get fucked upon in the E3 trailer.

Check it out after the jump. Game’s out early next year for the Xbox 360.