SCEE: No Plans for a 3rd Killzone 2 Map Pack [UPDATE]

killzone-2UPDATE: Wait, there is?

Original Story: Despite reports of an updated trophy list for the game, pointed out by Kotaku, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told GOONL!NE that there are no current plans for a 3rd Killzone 2 map pack at this time.

A SCEE rep told us that, despite the new trophies which would look like new weapons and maps are incoming, they have “no plans to release a 3rd at this moment in time”.

We’ve only just released the 2nd map pack (Flash & Thunder), and haven’t made any announcements about, or have plans to release a 3rd, at this moment in time.

We’ve reached out to Guerrilla Games about it anyways, we’re hoping to hear back from them shortly. The game was released back in February (a 10 from us) with two subsequent map packs, the most recent being Flash & Thunder which are remakes of Killzone 1 multiplayer maps.

4 Responses to “SCEE: No Plans for a 3rd Killzone 2 Map Pack [UPDATE]”

  1. New article coming.

  2. yeah scee doesnt comment….blahblahblah….the trophie list says it all….why develope new trophies without content..

    that just doesn’t make sense.

    SCEE lied there will be new maps and weapons. I would imagine that is how your new article will play out…..

  3. you should know how the industry works.
    if they say “no comment” that means its in the works but not shure if its going to see the light of day.
    and when they say we have no plans that means yes its comming but we cant announce it yet.
    just like the PSP GO :D
    we have no plans to release a new PSP than i open quore hello whats this.